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Welcome to London Music Factory ®


London Music Factory is a music school specialising in home tuition in a variety of instruments. Whether you’re an adult looking to pursue a passion or a young person looking to bolster your CV and take the pathway to professional, we have the right tutor for you.

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“We cannot believe her progression in such a short time.”
– David & Rachel Tooth
“Has shown some remarkable patience with me.”
– Erik Bremer

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Select a tutor

Search through our roster of music tutors and pick your own.

Book a time

Book your preferred time for a music lesson in minutes on our website.

Have a free trial lesson

Ensure you are fully comfortable before paying for any music lessons.
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A Music School That Cares

With over 10 years experience, we know what it takes to keep you inspired and maintain a passion for learning music. Choose a syllabus or have a bespoke curriculum tailored to your exact tastes. We will asses and help establish the right curriculum to take your music education to the next level.

Our Director, JP McIvor, oversees and manages all the staff and tutors, while keeping in regular contact with all students of the school. We believe every person should get the opportunity to learn music and we put all our students progress as the top priority.

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Message from our Director

Age 11, I had no real interest in music, but my parents wanted me to learn an instrument. They propelled me to do it and my passion grew with each lesson. Now, 19 years later and I’m a professional musician, running this music school.

The power of music is truly magical. You can reach out to people in a meaningful way; creating fond memories shared with friends and family. I believe music to be the greatest gift anyone can have and I hope this school brings music and joy into many people’s lives.”

JP McIvor

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