The Truth And Benefits Of Honey And Lemon: Does It Really Help Your Voice?

Frequent performances combined with travel or lack of sleep can raise intensity levels on your vocal chords. Is honey and lemon tea really the answer? Let’s dissect the facts and learn about the true benefits of honey and lemon…

benefits of honey and lemon,

“Honey and Lemon helps my flu or cold”

Most of us have heard this and often turn to the drink whenever we have a sore throat or congestion in the sinuses. There is some truth behind this. Honey is high in nutrients like iron, copper, silica chlorine, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Did you know? The darker the honey, the higher the nutrient content.

Lemon is considered a natural disinfectant. It contains pectin that cleans the gut and the high potassium content helps eliminate toxins. It is almost 90% vitamin C, helping to keep your cells healthy.
Lemon is also high in alkaline and improves your immune system. But, mixing it with honey (a sugar) inhibits the alkaline qualities.

Honey also contains calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and the combination of both lemon and honey enhances these antioxidant properties. Does this mean we should drink honey and lemon constantly? Having too much citrus can aggravate the throat. Although there has been research showing it can improve cough symptoms, the drink does very little when you’re cold or flu is at its worst. You have to judge these things yourself. What are the benefits of honey and lemon on your body – how does it make you feel?

“I find it very soothing on my throat”

Sore throats are generally caused by a virus. For singers, and those using their voice regularly, there are other causes such as vocal strain or bad technique. This puts a strain on the delicate tissue of the larynx. Swelling of blood vessels causes leakage of fluid into the tissue. This leads to a horse throat.

“Is a honey and lemon drink THE answer?”

Unfortunately not. For singers, it’s best to deal with the root of the cause by resting a cold and taking it easy on the voice. Learning healthier speaking will definitely help too. Hydration is also extremely important. And certainly honey and lemon is better than most drinks other than plain filtered water. Notably though, warm liquid will increase circulation to the infected area and the honey will help reduce any swelling in the throat. Plain old filtered water is best when hydration is the goal.

Additionally, other things that can help clear your sinuses are ginger and cayenne pepper. Something spicy like this will prevent drip down to your throat.

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