The Benefits Of Music Lessons For Children and Young People

The benefits of music lessons is a lot more than people tend to think. We have listed what we believe to be the top five benefits of music lessons for children and young people.

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1. Improve brain activity in later life

Neurologists are constantly discovering new test results that prove learning music at a young age will benefit a persons brain activity in later years. A study was carried out by Dr. Nina Kraus – a neuroscientist from Northwestern University in America. It was discovered that people older than 40 years, who had a little music training in life, had a better response to speech and sound than those without any music training. Read more about this study in the Journal of Neuroscience.

2. Improve their chances of getting into University

Choosing to take grade exams isn’t always desired. However, most people aren’t aware of the great opportunity grade exams offer, providing UCAS points to University applicants. Achieving Grade 6 level or above guarantees your child additional points to improve his or her University applications. The points don’t expire so you can take the exams at any time. Our music tutors have ample experience guiding students through this process.

3. Learn discipline and organisational skills.

Students of music will learn about hard work, discipline, and the organisation needed to be successful. Setting and achieving goals is crucial when learning anything and these are skills with value in younger and later life

4. Improve health and social skills

Playing music boosts the soul and lights up the brain. It send endorphins throughout the body, which result in a positive emotional feeling within yourself and in return reduces the risk of depression and mental health related illnesses. When you play an instrument, you immediately have a sense of significance and connection and this improves confidence greatly.

5. Have a skill that will last a lifetime

It’s like riding a bike, you’ll never forget it. Music is one of the greatest gift anyone can have! Be the life of the party for, well, your whole life!

Our tutors can create a bespoke curriculum for your child or guide them through a graded syllabus. Whether the goal is to have fun, get inspired, or gain an academic qualification, our music tutors and the staff at London Music Factory are here to help.