Can Anyone Sing?

Remember the party with that guy with a guitar? Lots of guests are singing along, but there are those few who stay quiet. You ask them why and they say something like “I can’t sing”, or “O’ my voice is terrible”. I always assumed they were just shy, but some people are of the view that they’ve tried singing enough to know it will never happen – they will never have a “good” voice. Are they right? Can anyone sing or are some people cursed with a “bad” voice for life?

can anyone sing

Have you ever heard the term “tone deaf”?

Tone deafness is actually a real condition. It’s associated with our brains biological conditioning known as Amusia. The correct definition is “the inability to recognise or reproduce musical tones”. Someone with amusia would hear two notes played directly after one another and would not be able to tell whether they are the same note or not.

Here’s the good news… amusia is incredibly rare – about 3% of the population. Chances are you will never even meet someone who has amusia – that is, someone who is genuinely tone deaf.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you classify yourself as a “bad” singer, there are much more logical reasons for this. To improve your singing voice, all it takes is a number of processes that you repeat over time. We call it practice.

The true fact about singing is – like any instrument – it is a learnable skill. Some people are born with a natural ability, while others are not. This is annoying and a little unfair, but the bottom line is anyone can learn to sing. It simply means those people at the party who wouldn’t sing haven’t spent enough time practicing it. And it’s easier to blame fate for our misfortune instead of overcoming the challenge. In order to do this, of course, you must have the passion to learn, but this is not an article about having passion.

Here lies the problem… It’s more painful to practice when you don’t like what you hear. Or perhaps we are just afraid someone else will hear us so we bury it.

To anyone who would love to sing better, I say this…

You can train yourself to do wonderful and unthinkable things, if you let yourself. You are the only person in your way! With the right training and drive, you too can become a good singer, even an awesome singer! And don’t let ANYONE (including yourself) tell you otherwise!

When you’re at a party again and those quiet people use an excuse not to sing, you can tell them that you read an article called “Can Anyone Sing?” and give them the good news that they are perfectly capable. And if you ever hear anyone singing out of tune, encourage them and if you are able, give them some advice. The world would be a better place if we could ALL sing. Could you imagine the whole world was a real life musical?! Fun for a while maybe…!

If you have always wanted to be able to sing I urge you to keep going. Apart from being a fun and social hobby, it does amazing things for your confidence and overall health. Our local singing tutors are skilled teaching beginners and can help you.

If you are interested in improving your voice – whether it’s to develop further or learn from scratch – our local singing tutors will help you accomplish your goals.