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Who We Are

London Music Factory® is a music school specialising in home tuition in guitar, piano, singing, bass, and music theory. Lessons are available to all residents of Greater London. Our aim is to create a fun and successful learning experience, with a focus on establishing a curriculum suited to each student. Every student is an individual and recognising your musical strengths is crucial for positive and quick development. Tutors from London Music Factory cater to this by offering both an academic and practical approach to lessons. This enables each individual to progress at his/her suited pace; gaining and maintaining a passion for music.

Founded by local music teacher and songwriter, JP McIvor, the school was established in 2014 with the aim of providing a user-friendly platform where local students and tutors can meet. We maintain the belief that anyone can learn music and everyone should get the opportunity.


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About JP McIvor

JP McIvor founded London Music Factory in 2014 with the intention of providing an improved approach to private music tuition in London. JP is a professional songwriter and music teacher with 12 years experience in the industry. His compositions have been used for many purposes and have been aired on radio stations in Europe and the U.S., including BBC Radio 1Xtra and Dublin City FM. His songs have also been aired on national television stations such as TV3 and RTE.

JP was born in Dublin, Ireland, before moving to London in 2005 to further his music education in University. Throughout university and beyond, JP released and performed his own music across Europe, while teaching in London professionally. With four EP’s to his name, JP’s own music has reached No.1 in online charts in the UK and Ireland. He is passionate about getting people involved in music and maintains that, with the right approach, anyone can learn to sing or play an instrument.



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Message from our Director

Age 11, I had no real interest in music, but my parents wanted me to learn an instrument. They propelled me to do it and my passion grew with each lesson. Now, 19 years later and I’m a professional musician, running this music school.

The power of music is truly magical. You can reach out to people in a meaningful way; creating fond memories shared with friends and family. I believe music to be the greatest gift anyone can have and I hope this school brings music and joy into many people’s lives.”

JP McIvor


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