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London Music Factory® is a music school providing group and one-to-one lessons, including home tuition, in a variety of instruments. Its aim is to create a fun and successful learning experience, with a focus on establishing a curriculum suited to each student. Every student is an individual and recognising your musical strengths is crucial for positive and quick development. Tutors from London Music Factory cater to this by offering both an academic and practical approach to lessons. This enables each individual to progress at his/her suited pace; gaining and maintaining a passion for music.
Founded by professional songwriter, J.P. McIvor, London Music Factory provides a modern approach to music training. It lives up to this by leveraging a platform for students to learn additional skills that are essential for surviving in the modern music world. Supported by the Prince’s Trust, the school continues to receive guidance from experts in the industry.


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Special thanks to…

London Music Factory would like to thank the Prince's Trust for the amazing support they give our school on a day-to-day basis.

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