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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When you contact us regarding music lessons, we will get in touch with the relevant tutors on your behalf. Please contact us via email, telephone, or the form found on the contact page. To enable us to find you a suitable tutor, the fastest way possible, the contact form is the best method to use. We will arange the first lesson for you and put you in contact with the chosen tutor. Following this, we will exchange contact details and your tutor will be in touch before the lesson takes place.
Your first lesson is a trial lesson and is free of charge. This is to give you a chance to make sure you are happy with the service we are providing. If you would like to continue after the trial lesson, you will be required to pay for a bulk of lessons, in advance (either 5 or 10 lessons).

Free Trial Lesson:

We made the free trial lesson part of our policy because we only take payments in bulk – e.g. 5 or 10 lessons at a time. Therefore, the free trial lesson exists to allow our clients the chance to build a foundation of trust with London Music Factory and their tutor, all before paying for any lessons.

Please note: Every tutor from London Music Factory is a sole-trader working on behalf of the school (not employees). Although the trial lesson is free of charge to the client, London Music Factory must pay each tutor for the lesson as normal.

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Where will lessons take place?

It is completely up to the student. Tutors are happy to travel to your home or another chosen location. Some tutors will allow lessons to take place at their own house. Group lessons, such as the music training programs can only take place in the London Music Factory premises in Camden, Northwest London.

How often do lessons occur?

This is completely up to the student. It does depend on how long each lesson is. We would recommend that 60min lessons should take place weekly at the very most. This is to allow enough time to practice what the tutor has given in the previous lesson. The amount of practice done each week is crucial so we will never try to overload you with lessons. In some circumstances 30min and 45min lessons can take place twice a week, but this does depend on the amount of practice the student is doing.

Lesson Prices:

The lesson prices listed on this website are a guide only. Lesson prices may vary – depending on the area in which lessons will be held, to account for the tutor’s travel time.
The prices listed on this website are for a full term (10 lessons). We also accept payment for a half term (5 lessons). However, payments made for a lesser amount than a full term increases administration duties and thus, there may be some additional charges. Please call the school office to find out more: 020 3287 9587.

How do I pay?

We accept payment via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

What if I need to change a lesson?

You can move a lesson or change its date / time, provided you give us minimum 48 hours notice before the scheduled lesson time. Our bookings department are always on hand to assist you and can help with any lesson arrangements.


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