Thank you for your interest in teaching with our school. To apply for a teaching role, please read the information below and complete the application form. A member of the team will then contact you, if you have been successful.

Please read the points below to understand our school and the job role:

  • This role is for tutors delivering one-to-one lessons at a location provided by either the student or the tutor. These lessons do not take place at our school campus.
  • Part-time – Tutors can choose to teach as little or often as they like.
  • At London Music Factory, we offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons in guitar, piano, bass, music theory, and singing.
  • We pay tutors the following: 30 minute lesson, tutor receives £18; 45 minutes, tutor receives £20; 60 minutes, tutor receives £22.
  • Loyalty policy in place to offer pay rise opportunities for tutors. You will not be on the above rates forever!
  • We offer a free trial (first) lesson to clients. This is free for the client, but the tutor will be paid as normal.
  • Following the trial lesson, we only accept a minimum booking of 5 lessons at a time.
  • Clean Enhanced DBS is needed in order to teach students under 18yrs.
  • Tutors have complete freedom to decide when and where they would like to teach.
  • Each tutor is provided with an online calendar in order to keep their timetable up to date.
  • Clients are able to view each tutors availability on the website and choose their slot for a lesson.
  • Tutors manage their own students, but the office is always here to help.
  • Clients pay for lessons up front and then we pay each tutor on a monthly basis. Tutors will not have to handle money paid by a client.
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Have you had a private tutor in the past?

Please tell us about the teaching experience you have. Be sure to include how long you have been teaching, the age range of your students, and the type of lessons you have taught.*

How long is your longest serving student? (a student you have kept for the longest period of time)*

The information in this section is being collected so we understand the type of lessons and students you will be teaching. If your application is successful, some of this information will be included on your website profile so please be extremely accurate.

What instrument(s) will you be teaching? (tick all that apply)*
GuitarPianoBassSingingMusic Theory

What is the youngest age you would be willing to teach?*

Please tell us about your preferred teaching methods. Do you like to follow grade curriculums, books, or create your own curriculum?*

What is highest grade you would be comfortable teaching? Please include the curriculums and style (e.g. classical, contemporary, or jazz). If you will be teaching more than one instrument, please specify the different grades for each. If you haven't taught grades, please say.*

How long are you willing to travel to and from students (in terms of time)?*

What is your preferred transport to lessons? (tick all that apply)*
Public TransportDriving

Can you also provide lessons at your own location?*

If this location is different to your home address above, please provide the FULL address here:

If you know the names of postcodes/areas you can travel to, please list them below. Please ONLY include the first 3-4 digits of the area postcode and please separate each with a comma. (This question is optional but the more information you provide will be very helpful).

Can you loan the student an instrument for lessons? (For use in lessons only)*

If you selected 'Yes', where can you loan the instrument? (tick all that apply)
At my locationAt students location

Additional information that may be helpful to us:


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