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London Bass Lessons for all ages!

  • Eleonora S.
    current student

    "I’m on the fourth month with Nicola learning electric bass. I was pretty skeptical about the chance to start learning a new instrument as an adult, but Nicola made a customized method and I’m getting lots of new concepts every week. This way of teaching is useful because everyone is different. Subject: Music Outcome: In each lesson we reach different goals in term of harmony, posture and technique notions and we’ll get into music production with Logic software really soon".

London Bass Lessons

London Music Factory® offers one-to-one London bass lessons for all ages. Our marvellous bass tutors can travel to your preferred location, as well as offering bass lessons in their own home.
Group bass classes are coming soon. Contact us to find out more.
Bass lessons are on offer for adults and all young people. From past experience, children younger than seven can’t cope with the heavy strings. Bass can be strenuous on the fingers and because of this, most young children will avoid learning the instrument. However, it does depend on the individual and the tutor.
We accommodate for all levels with lessons on hand for beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels. Our bass tutors can follow graded curriculums, such as Rockschool, or create a curriculum based on what you are looking to achieve.
We offer a free first bass lesson, ensuring you are happy with your tutor before paying for lessons. Following the first lesson, if you would like to continue, we accept bookings in blocks of five or ten lessons at a time. Prices for one-to-one London bass lessons:

£28 for 30 minutes (under 10yrs only).
£32 for 45 minutes.
£35 for 60 minutes.




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London Bass Lessons

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Bass Facts:

The thickest string on a bass is strong enough to pull a ship.

Some bass guitars don’t have frets. These are known as “fretless basses” and can be more difficult to play accurately.

Standard basses have four strings, but there are other versions with up to fifteen strings.


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