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“Helped build my confidence to practice independently.”
-Dom Parikh
“Has shown some remarkable patience with me.”
-Erik Bremer
“Always right on time, cheerful, very pleasant company…”
-Steven Knock
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  • Michael
    Travels to students within 60 minutes of W6 8QT
    Also provides lessons at his address in W6 8QT
    Teaches adults, teenagers, and children aged 5+
  • Connor
    Travels to students within 30 minutes of W3 0DS
    Teaches adults, teenagers, and children aged 10+ years.
  • guitar lessons london,
    Travels to students within 30 minutes of SW17 8BJ
    Also provides lessons at his address in SW17 8BJ
    Teaches adults, teenagers, and children aged 7+
  • Stu
    Travels to students within 45 minutes of his address in NW1
    Also provides lessons at his address in NW1
    Teaches adults only.
  • Boo-boo
    Travels to students within 60 minutes of SW20
    Also provides lessons at his address in SW20
    Teaches adults, teenagers, and children aged 6+ years.
  • Zak
    Travels to students living in EC1N
    Also provides lessons at his address in EC1N 7UQ
    Teaches adults only.
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[two_third] While the bass is not as sought after by students as other instruments, it is rarely overlooked for its role in contemporary music. Often described as the “pulse of a song” and the “backbone of a band”, the bass is an incredibly important figure in popular music today. There are different variations of the bass instrument, but the most popular of these are, by far, the double bass and bass guitar.

Double bass is more commonly known to be associated with classical music, but is also popular amongst jazz and folk groups. Bass guitar is more widely known today because of its part in most contemporary bands. In addition, it’s also been recognised for its important role in the life of electronic and urban music.

As a result, we have bass tutors that can teach either approach and will focus on teaching techniques based on your goals and preferred music style.

All bass instruments contain notes in the low (bass) register. Either the double bass or bass guitar are very large and heavy to carry.

There are different ways someone can learn to play bass, but the most popular is by using your fingers or thumb. Compared to other string instruments, the strings of a bass are very thick, which make it difficult for young children to play. However, popular bass manufactures now make smaller sizes of the instrument so younger people can get on board too. In our experience, a student looking to learn bass would need to be at least 8 years old.

In conclusion, the bass tutors from London Music Factory® are accomplished professionals, capable of teaching a variety of styles including jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, pop, and rock. If you would like a career in music then think about it… There aren’t as many bassists in the world of musicians so you’ll find it much easier to get work when you go pro!

London bass lessons at a location provided by the student or tutor.

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Fun Bass Facts:

The thickest string on a bass is strong enough to pull a ship.

Some bass guitars don’t have frets. These are known as “fretless basses” and can be more difficult to play accurately.

Standard basses have four strings, but there are other versions available. Some with almost fifteen strings.
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  • Eleonora S.
    current student

    "I’m on the fourth month with Nicola learning electric bass. I was pretty skeptical about the chance to start learning a new instrument as an adult, but Nicola made a customized method and I’m getting lots of new concepts every week. This way of teaching is useful because everyone is different. Subject: Music Outcome: In each lesson we reach different goals in term of harmony, posture and technique notions and we’ll get into music production with Logic software really soon".

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