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Piano is one of the most popular instruments chosen by people wanting to learn music as a beginner. While there are many reasons for this, we have outlined two distinct reasons below:

1. Normally, a piano has 88 keys and as a result, it has an incredibly large range of notes. All the notes on a piano lie in both the bass clef (lower register) and the treble clef (higher register). A lot of other instruments, generally, only have a range of notes within one of the registers, not both.

While learning to read music is not compulsory, the piano is one of the best instruments for both learning to play an instrument and read music at the same time.

2. Unlike other instruments, the piano is not so strenuous to play. The keys are easy to press and therefore, its light on the fingers and ideal for young people looking to get started in music. Our piano teachers can teach children as young as 2-3 years old.

The piano requires the student to use his/her two hands so the left hand looks after the lower notes and the right hand looks after the higher notes. In doing this, the student also learns to play different rhythms simultaneously with two hands. Furthermore, this is very unique to other popular instruments, excluding drums.

Finally, in this modern music era, we have witnessed many positive developments in the field of instruments, not in the least, for piano. Modern keyboards with weighted keys are now extremely apt for learning piano and this is a wonderful development because they come at a fraction of the price to that of traditional pianos. They are also portable and you can play with headphones – both great benefits.

Consequently, most of our students learn piano using a keyboard. The functionality is the same so the curriculum and approach does not alter to that of piano lessons.

These are private piano lessons london, at a location provided by the student or the tutor.

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Fun Facts:

The piano is known as a percussive instrument, like a drum. This is because each key connects to a hammer, which hits a string inside the piano, to make the sound of the corresponding note.

The name “piano” is actually a nickname for the full name of the instrument “pianoforte”.

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    “My son, Josh, has been taking piano lessons with London Music Factory for just over six months now. Cristina has helped Josh excel on the instrument, teaching him many techniques. She has a lesson with Josh every week and he is now a confident player and beginning to write his own songs. His mom and myself are so grateful to Cristina and the London Music Factory for the professional approach brought to the lessons. We look forward to watching Josh grow as a player and we recommend the London Music Factory as an extremely professional and friendly company”.

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