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“Gives clear instructions and is always positive.”
-Jackie Chivers
“Had a calm patience that enabled her to engage.”
-Sophie Greig
“Always right on time, cheerful, very pleasant company…”
-Steven Knock
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  • Rochellé
    Travels to students up to 60 minutes from HA9 0FL
    Also offers lessons at her address in HA9 0FL
    Teaches adults only.
  • Jessica
    Travels to students within 45 minutes of W13 9UH
    Teaches adults, teenagers, and children aged 4+
  • Sam
    Travels to students within 45 minutes of EC4Y 0DD
    Also provides lessons at his address in EC4Y 0DD
    Teaches adults only.
  • Greta
    Travels to students within 45 minutes of SW19 6JN
    Teaches adults, teenagers, and children aged 4+
  • Nic
    Travels to students within 30 minutes of NW5 2HR
    Also provides lessons at his address in NW5 2HR
    Teaches adults only.
  • singing lessons london,
    Travels to students within 45 minutes of N13 6EG
    Also provides lessons at her address in N13 6EG
    Teaches adults only.
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[two_third] We’ve all tried it – in the shower, in the car, on a Friday night at the bar… Some of us love it, some of us not so much, and some of us just can’t do it, right? Wrong!

One common assumption about singing, which is completely false, is that some people are born with “the gift” of a “good” voice, while other people are not. This could not be further from the truth. Singing, like any instrument, is a learnable skill. Due to an imbalance in the brain, people who struggle to sing in tune can easily fix this. In conclusion, check out our article titled ‘Can Anyone Sing?’

At London Music Factory®, we maintain the belief that anyone can learn to sing, whether old or young. Some people have to work harder at it than others, but that is true in any field of study.

Furthermore, our singing tutors will point out areas in your posture, breathing, projection, and even your diet, that will make a huge difference to your ability to sing in tune, with confidence. Especially even the quickest vocal exercises will make a huge difference to your singing. Over time, regardless of your level, our singing tutors will teach you to sing the songs you’ve always wanted to learn.

So, whether you have a daughter who can’t stop putting on performances at the dinner table or whether you’ve always wanted to accomplish that long-sought passion, our singing tutors can put a plan together and create a curriculum suited to you.

These are private singing lessons in London, at a location provided by the student or the tutor.


singing lessons london
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Fun Facts About Singing

When sound comes out of our mouth, it travels at approximately 75 miles per hour.

You should avoid any carbonated or caffeine based drinks before or during singing.

Singing has incredible health benefits, especially for your heart, lungs, and brain – releasing endorphins, which make you feel good.

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    singing student

    "I am delighted to have found the London Music Factory. They organised a tutor to come to my home and give me singing lessons. Alicia is a very patient tutor and has really helped me regain my childhood love of music and singing. I am still learning through the London Music Factory and I am proud to say a few months ago I had my first performance on stage since I was in my 20’s. These singing lessons have really changed my life! I recommend Alicia’s teaching to anyone and the support from the London Music Factory team has been fantastic!”

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