Here’s what our past and present students say:

My son has been having lessons with Marco for just over a year. He gives clear instructions and is always positive and he always asks if my son has any questions and he enjoys the lessons.”

– Jackie Chivers




Alessio is a wonderful teacher, he arranged his lessons in a way that kept my 7 year old daughter interested and motivated. In those moments where she wanted to play rather than learn he had a calm patience that enabled her to engage. The London Music Factory made bookings simple and easy, and when advice was needed, JP was so very helpful and had great ideas.”

– Sophie Greig




Brilliant, creative and kind teachers. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

– Emma Beck




JP is a fantastic guitar teacher; super patient, good humoured, encouraging and very knowledgeable. I wholeheartedly recommend JP and the London Music Factory to anyone who wants to learn guitar, and have fun while they do!”

– Anna Cox




Nicola is clearly passionate about unlocking his students singing potential. He brings a really friendly vibe to each lesson which keeps me looking forward to next, and within just 2 months in I have noticed my singing voice go from a closed, unconfident sound to a much more open, controlled one. I would Highly recommend Nic to anyone looking to strengthen their voice and to amend any bad techniques and habits that most of us aren’t aware we have.”

– Edward Durcan




Happy with my daughter’s piano teacher, she is charismatic, professional, enthusiastic, detailed, sensitive, patient and able to differentiate her lessons. Committed to high standards. A big thank you to Oana. Strongly recommend her.”

– Nerina Ince




Incredible teacher! Would highly recommend London Music Factory.”

– Faye Turner




I’ve really enjoyed my lessons with Stuart and think that he’s a great teacher! I like the way he relates techniques to popular songs as it helps me understand the theory a bit better.”

– Anisa Choudhury




Alessandro was always right on time, cheerful, very pleasant company and tried really hard to understand the problems I was having and to come up with creative exercises.”

– Steven Knock




I enjoyed the lessons I received from Alessandro. They helped build my confidence to practice independently.”

– Dom Parikh





I appreciated the lessons. Communication was easy with the office to schedule things with Stavros, and he was always on point. I’ve enjoyed the free-flowing form that we had with Stavros that gave me a lot of freedom to come up with scores and ask him about things. We’re slowly trying to setup drills and specific exercises to come into the routine and I think that’s good.”

– Thibaud Robelain





My daughter is improving her techniques on the piano, receiving very detailed feedback, which is given in a construct manner and she is enjoying the experience. I strongly recommend you have a trial lesson to find that out.”

– Nerina Ince





I really appreciated the experience, Alessandro is a very good teacher.”

– Maurizio Meossi





I’d like to say how helpful London Music Factory was in finding me the right tutor for my guitar learning needs. I think I made my first enquiry last September and London Music Factory gave me several options of tutors near where I work or live. I had a busy few months before confirming a start date and when I did they were very accommodating and found me the perfect tutor, Alessandro (who lives less than a mile from my house).
Alessandro is everything you would want from a tutor; he’s extremely knowledgeable, understanding and tailors each lesson to suit my learning levels. Although I’m still a beginner I feel I’ve learnt so much in just 7 lessons. The exercises Alessandro sets me are always fun to learn, and practising them never gets boring. I think I may be a little slow learning chords, but Alessandro always encourages me and makes me feel more confident – he’s a very patient man! I’m enjoying the lessons even more now that I’m learning a Guns N’ Roses song.
So all in all, I couldn’t be happier learning to play guitar with Alessandro via the London Music Factory, and thank you all for helping me.”

– Rob Bishop





We couldn’t recommend the London Music Factory more highly. Livvie loves her lessons with Joe. He teaches in a fun yet informative way. Just what she needs.”

– Francesca O’Keeffe





We luckily found London Music Factory after searching for a long time for a piano teacher. Both my daughters (age 6 & 12) have been taking lessons with Cristina, who has made the lessons fun & enjoyable. They have been playing for one term & I’m really impressed with the progress they’ve made. I particularly appreciate Cristina coming to our house to teach, as with most of our busy London lives we have so much running around to do. It’s a real blessing. I would recommend the London Music Factory. I’ve found them really helpful, flexible and very approachable in their communication & ensuring we are happy. I wish them all the best for the future.”

– Tilly Taylor





We hired Cristina through London Music Factory three months ago as a piano teacher for our daughter Ines. At the time Ines was three and half years old. Since then Ines has improved considerably, as Cristina makes the classes deeply entertaining, keeping Ines engaged at all times. What is more, Cristina is very familiar with the Suzuki method and other children methods to get the best out of them. I thoroughly recommend her.”

– Carolina Briere





Marianne is enjoying her lessons with Boo-boo very much. He is patient and kind and clearly has a gift for teaching music to children and motivating them. We have had good service from the London Music Factory and I am sure Marianne is learning much more than she would through the standard guitar lessons at school.”

– Catherine Burden





The LMF team have been really helpful. They sourced a tutor (Oli) in my local area quickly and kept me up to date along the way. The lessons have been thoroughly enjoyable – Oli is great guy and a brilliant teacher, and I can see a ton of progress already after 5 lessons. I’m looking forward to the next 5!”

– Joe Abbot





I’m on the fourth month with Nicola learning electric bass. I was pretty skeptical about the chance to start learning a new instrument as an adult, but Nicola made a customized method and I’m getting lots of new concepts every week. This way of teaching is useful because everyone is different. Subject: Music Outcome: In each lesson we reach different goals in term of harmony, posture and technique notions and we’ll get into music production with Logic software really soon”.

– Eleonora S.





I have been learning guitar through the London Music Factory for a few months now and have nothing but good things to say about the experience. JP is a knowledgeable and patient teacher and a very capable musician. I’m learning guitar as an adult, which can be a bit challenging since you do not learn as quickly as you would earlier in life, but JP’s enthusiasm has really kept me motivated. He is also very willing to tailor lessons to suit my interests so that I can learn to play music I enjoy, making the lessons very enjoyable. I would recommend the London Music Factory to anyone”.

– Erik Bremer





I was taking guitar lessons with Marcos Rodríguez. He is a great teacher, he knows his music theory very well and we were learning scales, improvisation, technique on the guitar. His technique greatly improved my playing and I highly recommend it to everybody”.

– Edina Balczo





Andria has been teaching my two children, both eight years old, piano theory and practice for the past year. Andria has a very enthusiastic approach to her lessons and she has been able to transfer her enthusiasm to the children. There is no doubt that Andria is highly knowledgeable on her subject, but most importantly her teaching style is exceptional as she implements a variety of skills and methods during her lessons. In combination with her warm and enthusiastic approach she has assisted my children in making phenomenal progress on both theory and practice since she has been their teacher. She has built an excellent relationship with both children and they both commend that they enjoy her lessons very much.
Andria has tailored the lessons to each child’s needs and learning style and she has been very creative with the techniques and methods that she uses for her teaching. With the inclusion of fun exercises and her warm approach she manages to keep the children engaged throughout the lesson. Her time keeping is outstanding as is her communication with me. I have had various music teachers for the past four years and I can say with confidence that Andria’s combination of skills and approach has made the biggest difference on my children’s progress. Now, not only they remain engaged during their lessons but mainly they enjoy playing in their spare time. I strongly believe this is the result of Andria’s approach to teaching music as a creative and fun activity and her intuitive tailoring of lessons to fit the learning needs of each child”.

– Elena Miari





I have been a student of Ashby’s for approaching 2.5 years during which time he has been teaching me at my home. As someone in their fifties with no prior experience and with a less natural talent I anticipate that I am one of his more challenging students. Ashby, however, has never made it feel that way. He has made each lesson informative and enjoyable and shows remarkable patience with me whenever I struggle to put into practice his consistently clear instructions Ashby is a very reliable, prompt, courteous and clearly very talented teacher. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to students of all ages and ability.”

– Nick Light





Ashby has been teaching my children drums, guitar and piano for almost two years. He teaches my 10-year-old son drums and my 12-year-old daughter guitar and piano. Ashby is a superb teacher with endless amounts of patience, energy and enthusiasm. He is a very hard worker and fills every minute of the lessons. My children absolutely love Ashby and look forward to him coming, so much so that my son races to his drum kit as soon as he arrives!!! I am really impressed with how much they have both achieved compared to any school music lessons they have had. He has a great ability to get so much out of them.
Ashby is a very talented musician and teacher and has taught my children so much. He has even given my daughter the confidence to play in her own band at school and perform in concerts. He actually worked with the band and guided them beautifully out of a cacophony of sound to some fabulous music!
He is very interactive with the kids and plays with them on one of the various instruments, giving them the experience of playing with others, even my neighbours enjoy the drumming and electric guitar plus vocals emanating from the house! Ashby even has the patience to now teach me guitar and as a complete beginner he has a tough job ahead! He is a very valuable part of our lives, long may it continue.”

– Fran Presho 





We have known Joe for the past two years whilst he has been teaching guitar to our 10 year old son.  Joe has been thoroughly reliable and punctual during this period, but more importantly he has passed on his infectious enthusiasm for the guitar to our son, encouraging him in both his playing and music writing.  Our son really enjoys his lessons which are both structured and fun.  We would highly recommend Joe to others who wish to learn the guitar and are sure that they will have a very positive experience”.

– Simon & Sarah Munyard





Joe Mashiter has been my son’s Guitar teacher for over a year now. He is punctual, reliable, kind and patient teacher, and above all a big hit with the pupil. He takes his time with the lessons and is keen to help with the learning process. I have recommended him to friends and would have no hesitation in recommending him further”.

– Wendy Walker





London Music Factory is a brilliant music school and I would recommend it to anyone. JP (who is a pleasure to speak to) organised Drum lessons for my son. Darren is 11 years old, passionate about music and now a keen drummer. Kane comes to teach Darren once a week at our house and I am so grateful to him for all that he has done. It gives me such joy to hear him practicing away in the house and I am delighted he has a new hobby. Thank you Kane, and thank you London Music Factory”.

– Amy McCullough





This is a recommendation for JP McIvor of London Music Factory, who has been giving our daughter guitar lessons for the past two years. From a standing start Georgia, who is 14, is now a very capable guitarist, and will be taking her Grade 3 exam shortly. Georgia has learnt fast under JP’s tuition and has enjoyed each lesson; JP has enabled her to understand theory, sight reading, technique, and musicianship.
We cannot believe her progression in such a short time – JP spends 45 minutes each week and has passed on his love of the instrument to make learning a pleasure. I recommend him more highly as an emphatic teacher and highly capable musician”.

– David & Rachel Tooth





I am very pleased to highly recommend JP McIvor from the London Music Factory as a really competent and inspiring guitar teacher. He has guided our 9-year-old son in his learning, starting as a complete beginner and instilled a real interest in him. J.P.’s friendly manner and technical ability are notable and the thoughtful lesson preparation has aided smooth progress. For our son J.P.’s enthusiastic, young outlook, combined with common contemporary musical interests meant a rapport quickly developed”.

– Tom Cook