3 Reasons Why You Should Join A Choir

Whether you’re out living your dream and singing professionally or just getting started, joining a choir is a great way to take it to the next level. Have you ever sung out your voice only to be joined by 20 other voices at the same time? It’s a truly powerful thing! But I can hear you already… Huh?! A Choir??? Boooooorrring!!! Well, well… don’t be too hasty to disregard it…

There are many choirs offering “cool” alternatives to the regular hymn-style church choir. Search online for local choirs and I bet there are many options with different styles, such as contemporary-based or gospel choirs. For most of these choirs, you do not need to know how to read music, and the following are just three of its special benefits…


why you should join a choir,

1. You will improve dramatically

In any choir you will learn to control your dynamics, train your ear, and improve your ability to sing harmonies.

2. It’s extremely healthy for your brain

Neuroscientists have consistently discovered benefits that music has on our brain’s activity. Learning new songs frequently enhances this. The ability to memorise music and words (just like any other art that requires learning) is extremely healthy for the brain. Look into how music is being used to improve dementia for older people.

3. You will experience wonderful moments and create fond memories

Ever get goose pimples when listening to music? That’s one way to know it’s connecting with your emotions – whatever they may be. Just like my point above, there’s something very magical when you sing with a group of people. Learning is great, but learning when you feel awesome is outstanding (and a lot easier)!

Singing is an aerobic exercise and when you repeatedly breathe in and out, you send oxygen all through your body. This releases endorphins that make you feel good. Going to choir practice or a performance after a stressful day of work will do wonders for you.

If you are interested in improving your voice – whether it’s to develop further or learn from scratch – our local singing tutors will help you accomplish your goals.